dear blog, today was pretty cool i guess. yesterday wasn't so great but i think today will a whole lot better. maybe i should put up a picture of something. i had an idea yesterday that i would write a short story about icarus tucking in his shirt into his pants and saying "fuck this shit" but then i didn't do that, probably because yesterday wasn't that great. anyways, i think that it had a small amount of potential but otherwise i'm not too sure. i don't want to write that now, anyways. i think that was the best part about the story, so i don't really have to go from there. it would be something like: icarus stood in the middle of his room. he had to tuck his shirt into his pants and then fasten his belt. "what am i even doing." icarus was a little bit tired and had a lot of other things to think about. icarus tucked in his shirt into his pants and fastened his belt and whispered to himself, "fuck. fuck this shit." and so i think that is probably all i really needed to do, which i just did. anyways, there are going to be no spaces for comments here so you can email me your comments or you can just call me or leave a message.